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Assembly gallery Biofaj Germany

Assembly gallery Biofaj Germany The Assembly during this period, a visit to the largest concentration of organic agriculture in the world and in Biofaj 2014 reality show in the German city of Nuremberg Assembly seeks during her gallery look closely about the diversity of global products of organic food, in addition to strengthening the relationship with those who engage in organic cultivation of the participating countries... Read More

Workshop (OA .. Reality and Challenges)

Workshop (OA .. Reality and Challenges) Saudi Society of Agricultural Sciences organize next Wednesday 11/5/1435 H corresponding to 12/03/2014 AD College of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of King Saud in Riyadh workshop entitled (OA .. Reality and Challenges) and will be the timing of the workshop from nine o'clock in the morning and even noon, during which the participants will present their experiences in the agriculture and some of the ideas that will contribute to support this... Read More

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ملفات إجتماع الجمعية العمومية الثامن ملفات إجتماع الجمعية العمومية... Read More